A Note on CoV-19 and Grief

A note on Covid-19 from Joan Hitchens, Navigating Grief.

Grief, the response to loss, arises with a threat – a fear. In bereavement, the period after a death, it shows up most usually as intense sadness and emptiness. It is profound pain of sorrow, of missing. At death, the threat has been realized in the actual separation from your loved one – your loss of this person, the relationship, a future, and more. 

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Take a step to Navigate Grief Express Yourself

Take a Step to Navigate Grief: Express Yourself

The word “express” come from the Latin “expressus,” which means squeezed out. Expression is about letting out and letting go. Once you have passed the initial impact or shock of your loss and acknowledged that life is changed, it is vital you find outlets for expressing grief. Expression is the process known as grief work. You have feelings and memories that need to be squeezed out for what was. You need to look at what may or cannot happen as a consequence. Whether your loved one died suddenly or after a long illness, grief needs witness and validation. Read more

20 Pounds of Grief

Some people can’t eat. Others may take comfort and refuge in food. Under stress, when grief hits, which road do you take? Your hunger may wax and wane with the phases of the moon. After all, appetite changes are in the list for Is My Grief Normal? 20 pounds of your grief might be up, down or the yo-yo between as you battle the scale along with your grief.

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Dear Me

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dear me and you (family members):

This morning I am struck mightily by the thought that we have crammed what is typically three days of mourning into a 24 hour period. Or maybe it just feels like three days. “No memorial service” in this moment does not mean that death ritual and time is not required to process what has happened around us. There is no preparation for the emotional side of loss even when death is expected, imminent or predictable. What you feel is what you feel. Accept the time and attention to feel in the moments that break through the numbness or fog.
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