Medical Equipment Bank

Thurston County Medical Equipment Bank

Thurston County Medical Equipment Bank Fact Sheet

For information, please contact Mike Kelly at (360) 456-8810 or Rick Crawford at (360) 586-3590

The Medical Equipment Bank (MEB) was founded during the early 1980s by various workers in senior related programs acquiring used wheelchairs and other assist equipment. After gradually collecting these items they began building volume in their office corner and closets, so they began loaning the equipment to serve those in need. Today, MEB serves more than 4,680 people a year of all ages, loaning out much needed items free of charge.


We accept clean used, working, medical equipment and healthcare supplies.
See suggestion list on back.
NO medications are accepted.
NO pick-up or delivery.

How  to Prepare

Please make sure items are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and in working condition.

Where to Deliver

Woodlawn Funeral Home Cemetery & Cremation
5930 Mullen Rd. SE, Lacey, WA 98503
Located in basement, entrance in back of building.

When Donations are Accepted

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 10 -11 am
Closed All Major Holidays


Cash donations needed!
Mail to Medical Equipment Bank, c/o Senior News
112 East 4th Ave, Olympia, WA. 98501

Volunteers wanted!
Help during drop-off hours or repair and maintain equipment. Call (360) 456-8810

Suggested Items

Bath Benches
Transfer Benches
Shower Chairs
Tub Slider Systems
Grab Bars
Wall Mount
Bath Tub Edge
Toilet Accessories
Raised Toilet Seats
Toilet Safety Rails
Shower Accessories
Hand Held Shower
Diverter Valve
Active Daily Living Accessories
Hospital Beds
Home Style
Full Electric
Bed Accessories
Bed Mount Rails
Home Style Bed Handles

– Trapeze
– Bed Mount
– Free Standing
– Safe-T-Pole
Over Bed Table
Pressure Support Surfaces
Seat Lift Chairs
Patient Lifts
– Manual or Electric
Patient Room Active Daily Living Accessories
Blood Pressure Monitor
Dressing Aids
Threshold Ramps
Portable Ramps
Automatic Door Openers

Straight & Quad Care Medical Equipment
Folding Canes
–  Folding
– 4-Wheeled
Manual Wheelchairs
– Transport
– Lightweight
– Heavy Duty
Wheelchair Cushions & Backs
Sleep Therapy Equipment & Supplies
Oxygen Therapy Equipment & Supplies
Home Fill Systems
Portable Concentrators
Aerosol Therapy & Supplies

Medical supplies such as unopened packages of sterile gauze, syringes, adult disposable underpants, etc.

Questions? Please call the message line at (360) 456-8810 or visit the Medical Equipment Bank website here.


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