Follow the Path for Navigating  Grief

The metaphorical journey of healing after a significant loss can be visualized as crossing a bridge in order to arrive on The Other Side for what is To Be. It doesn’t matter how long ago the loss because there comes a time for you decide you must get across your bridge. The walk goes easier and smoother with a helping guide, someone who understands and has traveled across before. What help means is Hope. You hope to discover that you are not alone and you hope that you will come through this experience of loss as a whole person.  Both are true: You are not alone, and, you can come though this experience a whole person!

The first step for Navigating Grief is to START. HERE. NOW. During this personalized coaching and educational program you learn about the universal bridge of loss and ten critical Influencers that might be in your way. This becomes a personal map through the grief that brings you here and provides foresight on the best way to cross.

What you need to know to move through grief.

Hope is not a plan. The plan is hope.

All Navigating Grief clients start here with a conversation specific to your loss and grief challenges, pains, fears and even gratitude. This initial compassionate listening, coaching, teaching, guidance and planning often provides effective and immediate relief. Because we look at your personal circumstances, you will get answers to your questions regardless of the type of loss or how long ago your grief began.

I’ll use a bridge metaphor to easily explain all the variables of grief – from what’s normal, to coping skills, to how long it takes, to why people tell you to get over it, and you just can’t right now. Group meeting, local in-person or on-line. Let’s talk…

Not ready to meet up?  Start with reading about grief, Joan’s journey and personal growth after loss.

It’s OK! Look Ahead.

At Navigating Grief, you will be asked to attend START. HERE. NOW. before any other coaching programs. It is so important to have a common understanding to move through grief together safely.  Here you receive enough information specific to your journey to choose a healing path. You may confirm some thoughts already about what’s best for you, such as joining a group or private coaching. You may discover during START. HERE. NOW. that you can proceed on your own journey with confidence because your feelings are normal and you are really not alone. There may be resources offered you didn’t know about; after all, this is usually the first time a loss brings this difficulty of pain. You are here to discover what you need to know. What is important is your healing path for your time and pace as you honor the changes you face without your loved one. Looking ahead for ways to cross to The Other Side of grief is helpful! So, here are a few paths you might begin to consider.

Share with others to ease the pain of being alone.

You can’t know until you live it.

As often as many of us want to curl up in a ball and protect ourselves like the possum, one of the most valuable steps for Navigating Grief is to make connection with others. Humans are social beings, and grief can be isolating because it feels safer in the moment. Healing comes through story, listening, witnessing and validation. However, our well-meaning family and friends are not always the best people to provide this ongoing need after a devastating loss.  They may have been at first, or still might be on certain eventful days. It may be they are also grieving and unable to reach out. Often, you don’t want to ask or may feel you have asked too much. For some losses, friends and family simply might not really be able to comprehend how deep and lasting your pain.

Navigating Grief  GET IT. TOGETHER. programs are mindfully prepared to meet your group where you are and at the same time provide movement, bonding and facilitation for effectively lessening the pain of loss and bringing you into your personal state of well-being…

A step-by-step return to love and energy to be yourself.

This is your journey from what was, to what is, to what can be.

If life is shaken to the core during and after a major loss, or even multiple losses over time, the grief can be halting. For most, this period may last from weeks to several months, but for some those months of just never getting through the pain of loss can stretch into years. Navigating Grief Coaching is a walk taken together as you explore all the possibilities for living a full and healthy life after the death of loved ones.

Hope and heart are always at the center of Navigating Grief.  What it means To Be begins as a transition of change after the death of someone significant in your life. What comes through that process of healing may become a deeper and more profound journey of opening hope and heart…

Coming up…

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