The Photo Story. Revisited

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10.    Photo memories are so…
grief journal review

Why I Keep a Grief Journal

April 23, 2020 New Moon in Taurus Eight years later, for…

Nine Years and a Day After Thanksgiving

Ah-Musing Starts Here Nine years ago, I penned my first…
grief breakdown

Grief Breaks Down

"I thought," she said passionately. "'Mother f%*kr, I can't…
retro valentine

Those Valentine Hearts? It's Not Personal

"This is a day to write smiles, kindness, empathy and hope…
Griefland authors Bacon Miller

Book Review: Griefland

Griefland; Intimately Familiar. “Rachel is dead. If I said…
Day of the Dead Dia de los Muertos

Wake up! It’s Day of the Dead

Día de los Muertos Celebrates Life Each year on November 1…
Navigating Grief Valentine Memory

Daddy's Girl

Holiday memories. Guest writer and author Alicia King shares an endearing story that spans three generations of valentine tradition transcending her loss.
Navigating Grief Gift of Story

Giving the Gift of Story

The Gift of Story about a loved one after a death brings comfort, love and support. Immediately following a loss, the first stories should come from family and friends to the bereaved. Later, the tribute story is a gift from those who remember to their posterity and beyond.
Navigating Grief Did Not Know What to Say

What to Say… When You Don’t Know What To Say

What can you say to help a friend through grief? What should not say? Do you say or do nothing after a loss in fear of saying the wrong thing? Read these heartfelt tips from the viewpoint of the recipient.
Navigating Grief Book review Post Secrets

Book Review: A Lifetime of Secrets

Secrets lose their power over their holder once they get released - they are no longer secret. Through anonymous postcards, thousands reveal their grief, pain, memories as well as hope. In the PostSecrets series compiled by Frank Warren everyone now has access to the recesses of human experiences good and bad.
Navigating Grief Adoption Loss and Found

Loss and Found: An Adoption Story

Adoptions can be full of secrets, shame, and guilt that go on for years and years. Opening the door to the loss, the healing and the struggles as the birth mother is not easy but is worth learning what life and hope lurks behind the darkness.
Navigating Grief Blog Review Widow's Voice

Voice of Widows Resounds Hope

Grief and loss are universal, but bring people who share the same type of loss together and it can build a special friendship, understanding and support family and friends can't always provide. The Widow's Voice blog connects people who have lost a partner through the eyes of seven different writers as they provides insight into the ups and downs of their widowed lives.
Navigating Grief Balloon Release after Loss

Is it Hello or Goodbye?

Is sending a balloon tribute in memory to your loved one saying hello or goodbye? The 5th Brigade of Joint Base Ft. Lewis-McChord gathers to honor loved ones who have died.
Navigating GriefBook review Stroke of Insight

Book Review: My Stroke of Insight

My Stroke of Insight, A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey, written by Jill Bolton Taylor, provides a literal inside look at the human brain – hers – after a sudden life-changing left hemisphere stroke at the age of 37.