Monday, April 4, 2011

I’ve awakened more refreshed than I have in days. Finally. I was beginning to think I was moving into a non-productive, thus added stress, time. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the directions I seem to need to go at once – wife, caregiver, entrepreneur, mother, individual. Yesterday, I was able to concentrate on the Navigating Grief writing program and develop some graphics for the new website. (I’m excited to launch this!) Graphics work is my right brain creative activity; I forget how much this type of work clears the way for me to do other things.

The songs in my head I wake up to these last few days are bluegrass tunes. Dave has been playing music with long time musician friends over the last few weeks. What a motivator as well as critically important connections for us all.  Music is a big chapter in his life and one I have all sorts of stories in the works. I’ve been recording the jam sessions, and there are lots of memories coming forth.

Happy Monday. I feel good. I have managed to hit my personal reset button. The first rhododendron is beginning to burst forth with bloom in the front yard. Now if we can just get the sun to come out for a few days…

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