Create Memories: A Cup of Joy

Do you sometimes yearn to have one more cup of coffee or tea with your loved one who has died? You can’t bring him or her back, but you can literally  keep the memories close at hand by creating a custom photo mug! Start each day with your favorite photo, happy memories or inspiring words. A custom mug can be the perfect accompaniment to motivate you for your morning writing routine! Using your images or an inspiring saying that evokes a happy memory, mugs also make a great gift to commemorate dates or let someone know you are thinking of them and their loved ones.

Using Navigating Grief‘s exclusive Creation Station you can make and order your photo mug online in a matter of minutes. It’s quick and easy!

Here are some ideas for getting started on your project:

  • Use your favorite photo and a caption. Don’t forget your photos on your wall – either in your house or on Facebook (link your FB photos to your account)! Or, look for the iconic photo of your subject.
  • Can’t think of what to say? Let the photos talk. Create a mosaic of memorable moments in pictures.
  • Inspire! Find a quote, or place you own poetry, or scanned artwork on the mug. You can even make a mug with text alone.
  • Read the Navigating Grief photo wall on Facebook for some great quotation ideas!
  • Don’t forget the pets! Honor your favorite beloved furry friend and memories with their photo.
  • Mugs are not just for home. Your organization’s logo or motto can be used for staff or as a volunteer gift. Personalize your office cups, too.

All Navigating Grief products have easy to use layout themes for professional results every time.  The mug holds 11 oz of your favorite hot or cold beverage. Dishwasher and microwave safe ceramic. Images are 7 x 3.2” wrapped onto the mug using a dye transfer process which embeds the ink into the ceramic making a quality and lasting image for years to come.

In the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee or boil the water for tea and cocoa, you can create a custom photo mug using our online Creation Station!

Your grief needs action to heal. You need to remember rather than forget. Sign in and make you own cup of joyous memories today!


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