Friday, January 28, 2011

I have just a few minutes this morning: meet Tamela at the gym for my treadmill therapy; take Dave to Group Health for liquid nourishment, and then on to complete Miss M’s crosses with her daughter.  When will I post blogs, FB update, read e-mails respond and build the other new elements of SFH? Oh, and there’s a follow up call appointment, too. I may need to start the world of mobile connections.  That doesn’t sound so good!

Time is a precious commodity. Not just “a” but actually one of the most important in life. More to come on this subject I’m sure!

First, update on Dave. He is not able to rally much less get to school like he wanted at all this week. Wednesday we had him up, showered, and working toward spending time upright. But the activity of the shower wore him out. Back to bed.

Yesterday, he weighed himself. Down 6 pounds in a week. Eek. I knew he wasn’t eating much but the weight loss is fast. Add in that he has almost all, if not all, the side effects of Tarceva: headache, fatigue, diarrhea, rash, dizziness, weight loss. His worst feeling is that of being “chemo-ed.” He says it feels like the last six months he was on the Hodgkin’s regimen. In the first day of taking this pill, he had memories of a year’s worth of previous chemo experience flooding back into his body. I’d go to bed, too.

Yesterday, after consulting with the oncology nurse he decided to stop taking the Tarceva, They asked if he wanted to come in for an IV.  Duh, yes! He’s likely to be dehydrated. It may feel like the fountain of youth for him! I hope so. I find myself trying to remember how to caregive and assess all the symptoms again. I think of things then forget to follow-up. The IV was one my mom suggested to me the other day, then I forgot to pass along the idea to Dave. So, I question my focus right now. Am I giving him the right care, enough attention? I won’t obsess on this one.

New goal. Get him cleared out of this med enough to send him to work. That may sound selfish on my part, but he really misses teaching. He assures me he is not ready to be home. He has too much to do still. About another ten years he says. Maybe he’ll retire in four year s at age 75.

My time is divided today. But time is life. And this is my life. I’ll do the best I can.

7:30 pm

We spent over 3 hours in the infusion room getting his fluids. I thought, “an hour and then back home.” Boy, was I wrong! His creatinine (kidney function) shot up to 4.1. That’s a huge jump from 2.3 No good at all. We’ll go get him another IV Saturday, Sunday and Monday to help flush this out. Hopefully, the creatinine will come down noticeably.  Next Friday, back to see Dr. Lavanya.  Here come the doctor appointments.

Treatment options seem to narrow.

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