Now What?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

(Happy B-day Anne!)

What? So what? Now what?

That’s a writing formula I learned long ago. It’s also good for my morning thoughts. 1) Getting this journal to the public blog.  2.) Dave’s diagnosis.

First, my brain is on the business side. Setting up a new blog was/is a pain! Yes, I (think) I’m ready to show my vulnerable side, human side by blogging. Dave and Leah are OK with this. Am I Grief Reflection? or Navigating Grief? I obviously intellectualize some areas of my life just to put me in a different brain space.


I think that going public in my blog is similar to how some feel (men?) about going to get bereavement or cancer support. Women just do this more quickly. What’s my trepidation? Just simply, vulnerability. Vulnerable to what? Not criticism per se, more likely, what if others don’t feel the same way?  OK. Now I refer myself to the Navigating Grief blog: grief is universal; loss is individual!

You keep going, girl! This is Grief Reflection.

Darn. Another random thought… lost.

Wow – the National Alliance for Grieving Children call on new research yesterday was powerful information. The Storybooks for Healing program covers about 4 of 5, or at least 3 of 5 of the Grief Modalities presented. I need to look up more. Research is fun!

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