TLC takes on new meaning when it comes to grief. TLC, known at Navigating Grief as The Loss Community, is an important healing circle that is a resource and network for you.

Isolation, emptiness and loneliness are no strangers to someone in grief. Sometimes it is self induced, other times the epitome of grief itself. What you need to recognize is that you can find resources at the many

Navigating Grief cuts across the wide range of losses. You may be a caregiver anticipating an imminent goodbye. You may have had a death of anyone significant in your life – partner, parent, child of any age, friend, pet… Sometimes a current change or loss brings up unfinished reminders of previous or multiple losses over a longer time. Your loss may have some more difficult aspects and you need people specifically knowledgeable and experienced to your plight, such as traumatic loss, suicide  You may be here searching for answers in the middle of the night (or anytime) about another type of loss – friendships, identity of self after change or divorce,  aging and brain function, because it seems loss is loss. And in many way loss is loss; it is a change event and the pain of grief is that response to loss. Regardless, your loss is specific and it takes a village, The Loss Community, to help you find your way. So I am happy to share the many possible resources to support you along the way.

Discover, Create, Share

I know how important the first step is to Discover. Many of us are voracious sponges for information especially as when we first enter the realm of loss. It is also critical in healing to Create memories and traditions that support staying connected  in our hearts with those who are no longer with us. The precursor to Navigating Grief was a writing and memory preservation program called Storybooks for Healing. Although I no longer have that line available, I make sure keeping ties to loved ones is at the center of my all my work. Of course in the TLC community Share is the how for connecting today with others who get it. When we seek out others it helps us realize just how human and normal all the sadness and pain can be. It really is healing to know someone who has walked the path ahead. And as we find our own path is forged, then guiding from our experience is also

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