Saturday, December 4, 9:30 am

Thinking about:

  • Lines / boundaries. Fine, thin, thick between self and business. Also “ethical” considerations. The challenge to think is not opining or judging.
  • Finding the inner self. Best cycling class ever. Why? It almost made me cry. The music and visual imagery from instructor Steve was magical; like Christmas magic. I worked hard, I saw the dancers in me: the mature dancer; the child who performed in The Nutcracker Ballet, the college student who “let go of her head” for one amazing moment.*

This is my Feed the Beauty.

*[Note. Jan. 20, 2011. I was a young ballerina for much of my childhood, then a gymnast, dropped it during high school and returned to dance as a creative outlet and potential sideline to my psychology studies in college. There was a profound and poignant moment during a modern dance class when I experienced an incredible series of leaps that was nothing less than what felt like a rare treat of perfect. I can still feel the physical sensation as I write this! The point for me was that I literally and figuratively let go of my head to achieve this feat. I often work to “let go of my head” since I tend to over think everything in life.

The physical workout in cycling combined with the Christmas music was very emotional. Cycling takes place in front of large wall to wall mirrors. Ballet classes do also. Mirrors are sometimes friend, sometimes enemy to me and to most women in general. They definitely play into the formation of body and self image for ballerinas – good or bad. During this particular class I found the mature “dancer” I am today, the woman that is made up of all the dancers and experiences past and present. It was actually a sense of joy and acceptance coming out.]

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