Life’s Lemons

Thursday, March 24, 2011

(Dreams are a creative expression that can yield surprising insight to our waking world. I don’t look for “interpretation” but rather I reflect based on “day residue” the related activities that might provoke dream images,  and what thoughts pop up from what I know about my life.)

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade…

Dream snippet: A box of lemons, a male’s hand/arm picking through them (like choosing a potato at the grocery store) and the lemon chosen was small and had a slight brownish mark on the side. I noted the various sizes of the lemons.

Day Residue and Connections:

  • Dave’s weight, getting smaller, changing
  • Picking potatoes at the grocery store. Out with the old, in with the new. Potatoes were being traded out by grocer last time I was buying.
  • Clam chowder w/ potatoes, using what I have. No waste.
  • Gifts of food – fresh clams
  • (Clam typo becomes calm!)
  • The hand in the dream is like the choosing of stock art for Facebook illustrations: generic, seeking the right one, sleeve. Could belong to anyone.

Meaning to Me:

Aha. Always more in a dream than meets the eye on first glance! I thought this was just about the making the best of a bad situation for home, life and work, but on inspection of the day residue I find a bit more depth of worry. One surprise is that the hand getting the lemon is male. I think this – a helping hand – is a major loss topic for me. Dave’s support of me is to make the best of any seemingly difficult or bad situation. He gives me encouragement and love and confidence: a helping hand. My job now is to find the strength to give this to myself on my own terms. Again, it isn’t a matter that I can’t or don’t, it is far more comfortable to have the outside validation and support.  Like sipping lemonade in the summer shade.


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