January 18, 2011

Miss M died before I was able to see her again. Rest in peace, Miss M.

I realized this morning that I can’t remember what I say in my head, write in a journal or speak aloud. It’s kind of humorous, actually. Perhaps this is why so many people need to tell their story over and over again in bereavement. It not only desensitizes the actual thoughts, but one can’t remember which statement has landed where.

I have, of course, been thinking about journal writing and all its aspects lately. I’ve been testing some internet journal software, writing regularly here and I am prewriting (writing in my head) a blog post on journaling for SFH.

The one most important point of writing in a journal for me is that I can discover what I have to say, worry, fear or think about. Once it is on paper, the thought becomes tangible, even safe. Then, I am comfortable bringing up the topic with whomever I need to. I guess it validates the thought. But I can also take a third party stance to the difficult subject. “I was writing in my journal and …” is a great opening line. Often my response to discussions with Dave will also include some journal insight, too.

Writing with a purpose is very helpful.

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