If the Shoe Fits

Saturday, March 12, 2011

(Dreams are a creative expression that can yield surprising insight to our waking world. I don’t look for “interpretation” but rather I reflect based on “day residue” the related activities that might provoke dream images,  and what thoughts pop up from what I know about my life.)

I’ve had a recurring dream image this week about walking in a pair of ill fitting heels. They are similar to my summer slide sandals. I can’t remember the color (are they my red ones or the blue ones?) I have to keep adjusting and refitting, putting on the left shoe. Like I have to fix it. I can feel the lip of the shoe rubbing against my heel. It hurts, then I wiggle the shoe around on my foot and it doesn’t hurt and I can walk some more. The right shoe is worn down and more comfortable but so worn down as to be shorter than the left shoe. It makes me walk with a bit of a limp. This dream has a lot of physical sensation in my memory, as much as the imagery.

I am wearing a dress and as I walk I can feel the swish of the hemline sway.

I am walking in the shoes after I fix them. I am in an urban setting similar to the corner of the strip mall at the Dollar store and Grocery Outlet at Harrison and Division. But it is an open parking lot very reminiscent of Matthews Center (my grandparents’ variety store business). I feel the unevenness of the concrete lot, almost dirt and gravely. There are fewer buildings than the actual corner I am thinking about. In particular the old video store and others on that strip are gone, and the Apollo’s pizza complex is missing. The corner opens up to where I can see the Shell station and convenience store. That is where I’m walking to (destination).  I am crossing at an angle (shortcut) rather than walking along the sidewalk. It is up hill.

I feel sure I’ve had this dream a couple times earlier than last night.

Day Residue and Connections:

  • Dave’s right leg neuropathy leaves him with a limp
  • Left/right / opposites blog post on Monday
  • Pair- couple = Dave and me
  • One shoe worn down
  • Sandal slides; I wear in the summer, casual warmth (Dave talking about porch time)
  • Business and personal: paths and journeys: a pair yet different, unmatched
  • Reference to “shoes I can’t wear anymore” in conversation about business.
  • Confused.. Some day residue comes from yesterday, yet I am sure I’ve had this dreams more than once this week. Do I keep adding to the creative analogy? Or does the dream image arise from a week of thoughts?
  • Dress – Leah talking about shopping for dresses; told Dave about large curvaceous woman I saw walking ahead of me and how her skirt was unknowingly and noticeably shorter at the center than the sides.
  • What’s missing and what’s there? Dave and I listening to a 15 y/o musician on Dr. Phil. Discussion on his ability and that he paid as much attention to what notes he played as what was in-between – the silence (non-notes) This was maturity beyond most players his age.
  • The parallel of the Matthews Center (maiden name) corner with the old Sinclair gas station and the scene of where I was walking.
  • I also have a feeling of walking toward the old red house on West Allen street (from the back exit of Matthews Center  across the old parking lot) which brings on memories of mystery, unknown, old person who was ill and died (Paw-Paw’s brother lived here)
  • I am working with a new business contact named Allan.
  • Was thinking about my grandparent’s storybook, genealogy, funerals this week.
  • What has been familiar is strange. Dream Reflection and Grief Reflection (Richard J.)  Dream Poet.
  • Creativity and Expression (writing) in grief
  • Many people references from Dave in Life Review. Lots of TESC talk bringing up times before we were married.

Meaning to Me:

This dream is just full of my journey I undertake now and my sense of impending changes. I have brought in several experiences of death as well as my past connections of childhood. There is a strong mixture of work and home that is both parallel and yet different.

The surprise for me is the Mathews Center analogy, as this is my maiden, i.e., single, name. I’ve been feeling that the tasks I’ve had to do this week are preparation for being alone, being single. I am busy assimilating all of the past into my “now.” I still have an uphill climb. I’m not sure if the shoes will fit together. I am having to break in the new one.

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