The mission for Navigating Grief:

  • To offer healing through normalizing cycles of death and birth, sadness and joy.
  • To share language and story which embraces that we are all more alike than not.
  • To align hearts in the relationships of self to self, with others and in the world at large.

Start Here Now is the course to discover what you need to know about grief, bring insights into your personal grief, and learn specific ways to cope with loss now and for your journey ahead. You will feel relief!

The invitation to Start Here Now:

For the past few years, every client of Navigating Grief with Joan Hitchens begins their journey with my signature program called Start Here Now. This is our metaphorical walk on the Navigating Grief Bridge outlined in Grief 101 and Coping with Loss on this website. Start Here Now draws a picture to know where you are now so you begin to create what lies ahead. You are invited to explore your personal loss and grief in the context of shared universal human experience. In the process, you open an inner wisdom to begin your healing in creative and meaningful ways.

“We appreciate your compassion and openness as we navigated through our personal journey of grieving, healing, discovery, and growth. Our Navigating Grief experience exceeded our expectations and offered many new skills and strategies to grieve, heal, recover, and move forward in life.” ~ Kirk and Denise

What you can expect:  

Education and discussion bring perspective and a next steps plan into your grief and loss journey. This unique program follows a logic that “Hope is not a plan; the plan is hope.”

Whether you meet me for an individual appointment or join one of my groups, I’ll be sure to stay with you until you are comfortable about the following:

  • Comprehensive understanding of what normal grief is and the impact it has on your entire life right now.
  • Recognize what influences your individual journey and its cost to your health, thoughts, and energy now and into your future.
  • Acknowledge and witness the feelings and heart of your specific loss which honor love, hope and connection.
  • Co-create a personal plan to support your current needs and direction based on the above.

By the end of the program you will have ideas for your way of continued grieving to proceed with kindness for your process and loss.

“It seems that my worries going into the session were unfounded. Your compassion and openness made me feel quite comfortable in sharing my experience and your insightful feedback was enormously helpful. You are providing a magnificent/needed/hard-to-come-by service to the grieving community. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~ Carolyn

Start Here Now is effective! It is a one appointment offering. Start Here Now is often the only time I might meet with a client. This is by design because I see and believe most grief is very normal, even in painful and difficult circumstances. If we focus on deep understanding and listening, plus sprinkle a few choice strategies, grief gets an outlet that brings hope and direction very quickly. This isn’t a magic wand of instant cure, but it does provide insight and permission to heal. A number of clients do go into private coaching with me as a way to grieve fully and consciously through their loss transition. This decision is a matter of what you need when.

Who it is for:

Start Here Now is a bereavement program for individuals, couples and/or families when a significant death shakes your world. Start Here Now is the perfect way to address the journey ahead regardless of when, how and who related to you has died. The universality of loss is relatable. The deep insights come as we walk through your specific loss together.

“Anticipation of pain kept me paralyzed but actually looking it dead in the eye has made it less scary and therefore less powerful. I had a tiny little glimmer of light, an insight that helped. I am allowing myself to experience all of the emotions. “ ~ Brenda D.

Your call is welcome regardless of the timeline on your grief journey. I find most people seek support from three months (as you get out of brain fog) and any time during the first two years (as friends disappear and the one-year anniversary did not change a thing). Of course, there are exceptions and factors that differ, this is simply the most common. If your feel like your loss happened yesterday, and it has been years, then this program can be vital for you.   

Meet Joan Hitchens: Do this before all other steps

Let’s talk! You won’t find a sign-up-and-pay-here button because I always conduct a short chat with you before we navigate grief together. This allows you to meet me and me you, so we make the decision right for you in this moment in the support that serves you best.

Now Wait listing. June/July, 2020. TBA

Four Weeks. Together: Wisdom Of Widows (WOW)

Start Here Now. Widow support group. Online learning and writing  program for Coping with Grief since the death of your husband. Small limited group size. Discussion in community. Friday Zoom video calls. 7 pm Eastern / 4 pm Pacific. Optional Facebook group after the program.

I’m offering this inaugural Pilot Course at a special one time only price of $147 for all four weeks, the live support group calls, plus a course completion personal follow-up. You’ll get all the great contents of Start Here Now as I shake out some of the behind-the-scenes of my new platform, and get your feedback so this becomes the best online support course for widows ever! Yes! your Wisdom of Widows will be useful for those to follow.    

To enroll or learn more, schedule a quick call with Joan call right now!