Growth through Grief

I am really glad to be past the third anniversary of my husband’s…
retro valentine

Those Valentine Hearts? It's Not Personal

"This is a day to write smiles, kindness, empathy and hope…
Thanksgiving Doorway

Looking Backward

Nothing like an annual event to bring out the reminders of loss!…
Greif Reflection Hawaii sunset

Grief Connected to Lint!

When someone dies, they are never really gone. Dave appears to…
Widow not an anniversary

Not The Anniversary

September 11. Remembered by most for the tragic terrorist attacks…
Navigating Grief Bucket List

Loss Inspires The Bucket List

Ah, the Bucket List. This is the conversation among a couple…
The Things of Navigating Grief

The Things of Grief

Pondering Spring Cleaning After Loss It's two years since my…
Grief Reflection Year 2 Oahu

Widow Year Two: "Deathaversary"

The days are past me now, Valentines and Dave's date of death…
Awakening in 2013 Grief Reflection

My Awakening in 2013

December 31, 2013. Ah, happy New Year time! I can't awaken…
911. A different anniversary of loss

911. A Different Anniversary of Loss

September 11, 2013. 911. Not my usual habit but I have lit a…

10 Ways to Well-Being After Loss

Being in Well-Being How is your health since your personal journey…

20 Pounds of Grief

Some people can’t eat. Others may take comfort and refuge in…

What's Missing?

Sunday, May 5, 2013 Sitting at my desk, I am obviously working…

As It Should Be

Monday April 8, 2013 Home again. It is becoming few and further…

Marking Time on the Journey

Saturday, March 2, 2013 I made the right choice for me. I spent…