The Cycle for Navigating Grief: A Model of Four Zones

How Long Does Grief Take? is one of the most asked questions by bereaved. There is plenty of curiosity and research and shared wisdom about time and loss. Time is always a topic of conversation in grief groups, especially in relation to the members for how long since their loss. Among group participants, the timeline and conversation exploring loss offers perspective that gives hope to a future and relief to know the journey really is a process even if it may take longer than one first thinks. The emotional “aha” among a group of grievers is the realization one is not alone since there is another who can guide from a place on the time and healing road ahead.

Mapping a sense of time and naming your graduation through loss takes the pressure off old platitudes such as “grief never goes away.” Today, we recognize that grief is lessened when you create lasting memory bonds, assign loving meaning and gain a personal sense of gift or purpose from your experiences. It is possible to let go of grief and lean into the love throughout a forever of loss.

This site tab groups articles related to the initiation into grief and loss for the first two zones:

  • Grief 101. Learning about grief — your own and what others say. Seeking ways to clear the way to feel your feelings, think your thoughts, and trust your beliefs.
  •  Coping with Loss. The period for dealing with the outside world and inside pain. This includes practical matters of death and taxes, showing up face-to face in communities, and finding balance and competency within in the impact of a changed life without your loved one.

(This website is under construction! Watch for the comprehensive new content in July 2020.)