My Golden Girls

Friday, March 18, 2011

Today I am virtuous! Dave suggested I could make this claim when I returned from my Friday treadmill workout. So I am.

I would have preferred to have had another cup of coffee this morning, but I meet Tamela at the fitness club on Fridays (and Saturday for Spin class), so I am obligated to show up.

Show up, Pay Attention and Love the Best You Can. That’s my friend Sophie’s Three Pearls Creed from Feed the Beauty™ and The Art of Aging on Facebook. Who knew that a fast and unique friendship could come from a chance meeting in a dental office last year!

Feeding, nourishment. That’s my friend Anne’s selfless weekly bowl of homemade soup she’s brought me, because she loves to cook. When I grab a quick bowlful after a 3 minute heating in the microwave, I know I eat healthily, and it’s made with love. I feel nourished in many senses of the words.

Friendship cannot be underestimated right now.  These are the people who will ask and listen as little or as long as I need. Then help me go about life as “normal” as possible. They get me out of the house, hold me accountable to being friends to them and never show pity. They understand if I change my mind. They make sure I take care of myself. They let me know I am not alone.

So as I write, I keep hearing the Golden Girls song (because we are all of an age…)  Thank you for being my friend to Tamela, Sophie, and Anne! (Plus, the rest who are not local but definitely here for me.)

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