Father’s Day

Monday, June 20, 2011

As you might imagine, yesterday was the biggest Father’s Day gathering I’ve witnessed! All of the “kids” were here for a potluck barbeque, (cloudy, but no rain) along with some grandchildren and spouses and significant others.  At one time we had all the dining room chairs and office chairs and a couple of benches lining the bedroom where Dave stays to accommodate most everyone. It was Standing Room Only!

After we ate, I set up a Father’s Day activity in which we used Fimo clay to make thumbprint stones*. One large stone was made by  the six children to give to Dave, and then they each made individual stones with Dave’s thumbprint for them to keep.  There were also several more created to exchange among the families including one by a grandchild who reports to duty for his Army enlistment today.

Thumbprints are unique, and these little comforts are especially neat because they can act like “worry stones” you rub, with the added bonus of comfort in feeling the ridges of the loved one’s print in clay.

Sometimes, photos work better than words (and, I am tired!) You can scroll  our Father’s Day in pictures on the slide show above (tab found lower right in box).

*Project adapted from Staying Connected at the End of Life A Guide for Parents by Amy Sloboda and Joseph Ferry. To order call Hosparus Grief Counseling Center, 502.456.5451.

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