Dream Reflection

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dream snippets just came to me as I was making coffee.

The Dream:

There was all sorts of dress up going on with children. Leah and [her lifelong friend] Addy there. Going house to house, very “English,” Victorian. The last sequence was with Addy  and Leah in their preschool dresses – very familiar. I think Leah was wearing a light blue with pinafore type collar, her curly brown hair. It seems Addy was wearing one of Leah’s dresses too.

I discovered a plant, what seemed like a rare species. I cradled it I my hand as I went to find the expert who had some growing.  The pistils were orange and had little nodules at the end. There were two of these extensions and they had fallen out. The distinct holes were obvious. I wasn’t sure if there were suppose to be roots going through the hole to the pieces I call pistils.

We met the “guy” who knew about the plants sitting in a garden at a round table (similar to our own outdoor table but solid not so ## open [iron mesh]. I could feel, almost smell nature/dirt.

We talked about the plant I had. I was excited to have discovered it. But so sad it was not being whole. The man was wise, patient. He showed me that he was growing these same flowers in his own garden. They were cultivated! Mine were wild.

There was a great gift planter for me. It was a regular clay terracotta pot. One of my plants was a tiny specimen of this plant. The flowers were pure white, and delicate.

I was thankful for the gift.

* * * * *

Day Residue – galore! Dream response:

Plant: African violet-like. Remember going to Hawaii and mu commitment to add nature within the house.

African violets = illness/ hospital. I think at least one of my plants is from Leah’s birth or during one of Dave’s illnesses.

Pistils – ovaries (friend Gina said to me “you’ve got ovaries!” in a recent conversation. Dr Oz show visual; also orange is the “network” people icon used in social media illustrations.

Leah and Addy – my two daughters; two appendages.

Two pistils/ flowers – My and Leah’s matching fuchsia tattoos.

2 holes in a cradle – obviously Dave holding Leah and me. Wise man – Dave. His ability to comfort me, say the right things

White – teeth; purity, light

Cultivated / wild – Hmmmm.

Houses. Running –Very trick-or-treatesque; holidays, play, watching from the side, yet participating.

Art – Feed the Beauty thoughts.

I need to draw the flowers I saw. Can I be an artist? Paint and writing; memoirs. Website / artist residue.

Note. Dreams are what they are. There was no full interpretation by me in this entry, just quick reactions. Although I could speculate much now! The ongoing journey of writing and grief reflection has stimulated much more vivid dreaming for me the past few months. Some I capture in writing, some I just ponder for a few minutes in my thoughts. I subscribe to a process friend and psychologist Richard Jones called Dream Reflection which looks at imagery, responses and activities in the preceding days for the personal interpretation of dreams, much of which is outlined above.

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