The Grief Journey Starts with Discover

Healing after loss begins with discovery: why you feel like you do; what you are specifically missing in life; and listening to your own words. Discover is the work of grief. Without “it” i.e, some form of Discover: awareness, consciousness, presence, sitting with grief, acknowledging, seeking, questioning, viewpoint – you will eventually find yourself in a rut or on a standstill on your journey through life.

Life is the journey, grief is only one of the roads you must travel.

Discover can be a slow meandering trail with no end, a direct route, or a shortcut for grief. You choose! The trail without end may be why you are here today. Is it time to find your way back on the road? Are you here because you have a recent loss and you know that some support can help you manage your transition with grace? Or are you now seeking a shortcut, and willing to look at the map, jump over a few sticker bushes and rough terrain to get to the other side of loss? Getting “over grief” is not an actual destination, you are moving “through” this time. Your destination can be what you want in life, such as to live a more fulfilling life. Discover is understanding the difference so you can leave grief behind while carrying the loss with you.

Ways Navigating Grief Can Help You Discover:

  • Awareness Surveys are rich tools you can use to awaken your thoughts about death, life, perceptions and the impact of loss. Many programs featured in Navigating Grief begin with awareness surveys.
  • Writing is one of the most effective tools for discovering your inner thoughts and making a positive change in your life. Navigating Grief offers you a free online journal so you can write freely on your own, or join us in self-guided or facilitated programs. You can keep everything private, share with just friends or share with the full community.
  • Reading is a great starting place for awareness, comparing loss experience, and recognizing the universality of grief, but reading alone won’t move you through grief (unless you are reading a how-to book and doing the work!) Find reading lists and order directy in The Books and More Store.
  • Discussion Boards in the Navigating Grief community are open forums for asking and answering questions. You’d be surprised at the resources that are offered by someone who has had similar experiences as yours. You won’t know until you ask! You can also answer, which by itself is a Discover tool for what you’ve learned so far and seeing the steps you’ve taken in your own journey.
  • Group Programs and workshops are time specific and activity rich combinations for Discover and Create. Programs are short-cut routes through grief on your way to remembering and finding meaning after loss.
  • Coaching is an in depth, one on one process for examining your loss(es) and designing your future. Coaching helps you map out your personal destination while honoring and assimilating the life that is no longer available here with you. Grief can trip us up in every area of our lives. Coaching is a powerful viewpoint to process the impact grief and loss has on your life.

Other Discover routes:

  • Live group programs are often offered through hospice and health care organizations even if you did not use their services at the time of loss.  These may be drop in or scheduled groups. Check your local listings.
  • Therapy is valuable support when the questions of “why” are predominant and/or there was trauma surrounding the circumstances of death in overcoming the grief you experience.  Utilizing the Navigating Grief tools in conjunction with your therapy can be helpful in your grief work.
  • Friends and family know your loved one best. Scheduling time and rituals to honor and Share the loss together can have lasting and healing effects. However, if they have tired of your stories of loss, then you are in the right place for you right now!

You are here because you have questions about your grief. You have taken the first step on this part of your journey of healing. Whether you walk slowly, take some time to look around or jump right in to the programs and offerings of Navigating Grief is up to you. You draw the map. Your journey of healing starts here.