The Photo Story. Revisited

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10.    Photo memories are so…
grief breakdown

Grief Breaks Down

"I thought," she said passionately. "'Mother f%*kr, I can't…
Paradise Ridge Winery CA Love

Sustainability of Happiness

Once again, at least for my moda operandi in life and work, I…

2017 Year: Return to Self

I am a relentless optimist. Perhaps this is one reason I am comfortable…
Widow not an anniversary

Not The Anniversary

September 11. Remembered by most for the tragic terrorist attacks…
Top Ten Steps for Grief

Ten Actionable Steps Through Grief

Grief is work. Moving through grief means taking the necessary…
The Things of Navigating Grief

The Things of Grief

Pondering Spring Cleaning After Loss It's two years since my…
Grief mind body spirit

The Holistic Journey Through Grief

The work of grief is the work of life.  It is a holistic journey. Mind.…

Through the Grief Lens

When Grief Collides With Holiday Stress Your loss, as  a caregiver…

How to STOP Breathing

STOP! Really. S-T-O-P. Stop. Take three breaths and smile. Observe,…

Create Memories: A Cup of Joy

Do you sometimes yearn to have one more cup of coffee or tea…

12 Healing Words for Navigating Grief

If healing from grief after loss is in your 2011 New Year's resolutions, start with your vocabulary. Words can have a powerful affect on our well-being. Words of love and encouragement heal. Words of bitterness and pain destroy. Here are 12 Healing Words to inspire steps for a healthy and memorable new year from Storybooks for Healing.
Navigating Grief hoto and Memorabilia Scanning

Storybook Perfect Scanning

Preserving memories start with a good scan of your photos and memorabilia to illustrate your stories. Learn the basics of resolution, color and file formats to jump start your creative use of photos and memorabilia in a Storybooks For Healing project.

On Writing: The Audience

Writing through grief and loss can be cathartic and healing. But who are you writing for? This fundamental question is one of the most important determinants for writing your Storybook for Healing, and even sharing grief in general. The answer may surprise you as your journey through reflection on life, grief, and the gifts you find along the way present a new understanding about your loss.

The Joy (and Pain) of Remembering: Photos

When Remembering When Makes You Cry There is a risk inherent…