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Take a step to Navigate Grief Express Yourself

Take a Step to Navigate Grief: Express Yourself

The word “express” come from the Latin “expressus,” which means squeezed out. Expression is about letting out and letting go. Once you have passed the initial impact or shock of your loss and acknowledged that life is changed, it is vital you find outlets for expressing grief. Expression is the process known as grief work. You have feelings and memories that need to be squeezed out for what was. You need to look at what may or cannot happen as a consequence. Whether your loved one died suddenly or after a long illness, grief needs witness and validation. Read more

10 Ways to Well-Being After Loss

Being in Well-Being

How is your health since your personal journey into grief and loss? Most likely, your grief shows up in your body as well as your mind. Have you noticed? Or do you ignore this too and make excuses for feeling lousy? Age, out of shape, no time, costs too much, I’m just not worthy without my loved one, I will when (fill in the blank)…

Stop for a moment right now and take inventory*:

  • Is your sleep restful?
  • Do your muscles have aches and pains?
  • Are you finding yourself in the doctor’s office more often with less answers? Read more

How to STOP Breathing

STOP! Really. S-T-O-P.

Stop. Take three breaths and smile. Observe, bring awareness into your surroundings and being. Proceed with kindness. This advice from author Rudolph E. Tanzi, Super Brain: Unleashing the Explosive Power of Your Mind to Maximize Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Well-Being, just might change your life.

Breathe. Being present. Gratitude. Mindfulness. These buzz words are the answers to happiness according to many thought leaders, mediators and spiritual specialists. Can we possibly breathe our way to feel better? Can we breathe our way through caregiving overwhelm and the grief which accompanies the death of our loved ones?

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Navigating Grief Holidays

Grief Doesn’t Take a Holiday

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

How often have you heard this question? The implied reference is “have your bought all the presents for family and friends for Christmas? Is your home and table ready for guests? Have you done the shopping, baked the goodies and decorated the house? You may not even celebrate Christmas and you are faced with this question as a means of casual conversation! Whether your loss was recent or years ago, underlying grief may be lying wait along with the holidays.
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Navigating Grief Same Page

On the Same Page

Walking with Others in Grief

Have you ever noticed that two children from the same family can talk about their parents as if they grew up in different households?   Do you wonder why your partner or sibling doesn’t talk about, or maybe does not appear to care about, a loved one after their death?  Does it feel like you’re all taking the same language but in foreign dialects at your drop in bereavement support group?
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