Cancer Sucks

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I’m already tired of cancer!

Last night, I gave Leah her bracelet and Dave his Cancer Sucks white wrist band. I bought bunches for family and friends, if they want. It is strangely comforting. I’ll buy the bracelets for the other girls [Dave’s daughters], too.

We’ll be meeting Leah’s boyfriend’s parents for dinner this weekend. That’s a milestone in relationships. So I decided I needed a proper seating for six of us. One of the offshoots to Dave’s health has been neuropathy since chemo and stroke. In general, he has a hitch in his git along limp. He uses a cane to stabilize his walk. At home, he doesn’t use a cane. Long story short, he doesn’t travel well. So, especially the past few years, he is just uncomfortable away from the most familiar places – that would be home, work, and Barnes and Noble

Back to Dinner. We’re hosting. I need a new table. We live in one of those modern houses with a small formal dining room. The overhead light is centered to the room so that the table can only be pure center. That has driven me nuts because I have a buffet cabinet on one wall that skews the centering of the table. So I’ve wanted to change this furniture almost since we bought it ten years ago!

Two or three years ago I bought new chairs. Six, in fact. Four were assembled; two are still in their box in the garage. I thought finding a table would be easy. Not! So for two years, I’ve carried a chair leg around in my car on the happen-chance I spy a possible table. Occasionally, I would go on a mission and look specifically. No luck.

So, I thought. Now I will find my table. I did. One store. Three tables looked at. Perfect! Good price, right size, great match to wood tone. Pick up Friday, Dinner Saturday! I knew it would be there.

Why this story? It’s retail therapy. It’s nesting. Mostly, it’s controlling my environment. It’s something I can control. The parallel and somewhat joke between Dave and I is that in 1989 when he had Hodgkins, he went inside himself for a year of chemo and once done he came out to a completely remodeled kitchen. The kitchen, aka the heart of the home.

Here we go again.

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