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You Are the Expert on Your Grief

One premise of the Storybooks For Healing (SFH) program is that grief is universal, yet loss is individual. Through Grief Reflection, there are three layers about your grief to understand: The universality of grief; the bond with someone who experiences the same type of loss; and your own personal, individual loss.

On Writing: The Audience

Writing through grief and loss can be cathartic and healing. But who are you writing for? This fundamental question is one of the most important determinants for writing your Storybook for Healing, and even sharing grief in general. The answer may surprise you as your journey through reflection on life, grief, and the gifts you find along the way present a new understanding about your loss.

The Joy (and Pain) of Remembering: Photos

When Remembering When Makes You Cry There is a risk inherent in remembering when you are grieving and missing your loved one after a death. A risk of opening the wounds of loss, the reminder of being left behind, the desire to change what can’t be undone of past words and actions and events. But […]