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Take a Step to Navigate Grief: Express Yourself

The word “express” come from the Latin “expressus,” which means squeezed out. Expression is about letting out and letting go. Once you have passed the initial impact or shock of your loss and acknowledged that life is changed, it is vital you find outlets for expressing grief. Expression is the process known as grief work. […]

Thurston County Medical Equipment Bank

Thurston County Medical Equipment Bank Fact Sheet For information, please contact Mike Kelly at (360) 456-8810 or Rick Crawford at (360) 586-3590 The Medical Equipment Bank (MEB) was founded during the early 1980s by various workers in senior related programs acquiring used wheelchairs and other assist equipment. After gradually collecting these items they began building […]

Grief in Time

Counting Days, Weeks, Months and Years of Grief Time is one of the most difficult concepts of sorting through “what’s normal?” in grief. Words like “move on,” “get over it,” and “it’s been long enough now,” often come as unwanted advice related to the speaker’s sense of grief in time. For the bereaved, time is […]

Through the Grief Lens

When Grief Collides With Holiday Stress Your loss, as  a caregiver or after a death,  impacts every tradition, activity and thought this time of year. You are understandably seeing your holidays through the grief lens – who’s missing, what doesn’t work, the people who don’t get it, fatigue, gratitude, deep emptiness, putting on a mask […]

Children’s Grief Awareness Day

One out of 20 children will experience the death of a parent before they graduate from high school, while one out of every seven children will face the death of someone close to them. Who takes care of the children when adults grieve? Sometimes, no one. It is easy to think that children are resilient, […]

The Real Cost of Grief

The Real Cost of Grief Grief appears as all sorts of emotions, and whether acknowledged it or not, may be actively defining who you are in the world right now. When you repeat the same thoughts without moving through to answers or a new perspective, grief makes you stuck. How many of these statements or […]