Day After Thanksgiving 2

November 26, 2010 11:40 am

Boy, am I jumpy. This is the day we are suppose to hear the results of the biopsy/genetic marker tests which determines Dave’s treatment.

A few minutes ago he called up the stairs (This can drive me batty!  Sometimes you just starts talking.  LOL.  I have to jump up and down to know what he is saying.) “I have sad news,” his voice says out of nowhere.  It turns out that the friendship bracelet Leah made him became threadbare and fell off.

This bracelet has its own story.  When Leah was about eight years old she made a friendship bracelet out of good old yarn.  It was green and blue.  She lovingly tied it on Dave’s right wrist.  It stayed for years -showers, surgeries, tests.  In fact, Dave refused to let it be cut off for one of his surgeries.  In 2009, it finally was down to one strand.  When Dave was to get his left kidney scooped at Virginia Mason, the young created a new bracelet out of embroidery thread.

The old one was ceremoniously cut off.  We spent the night at the adjoining hotel in Seattle before their surgery.  Liu worked most of the night finishing the bracelet.  He would not go into surgery without it.  True to Leah’s style, it was a last minute completion.  Just in time!

This brings up funny superstitions.  Somehow we protect each other through believing we send items of power.  I have nothing against this.  In fact, I subscribe.  So now, the bracelet has broken.  It’s hours to countdown for one more bit of information.  Is the bracelet a symbol of…  The end?  No protection?  More loss?  This breakage can’t symbolize any good.

This too shall be added to the little shrine in Dave’s Office, adorning his bookshelf and still emitting the energy of love between Leah and her dad.

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