Navigating Grief hoto and Memorabilia Scanning

Storybook Perfect Scanning

Saving the Old Photos to New Media

Navigating Grief custom photo projects begin with digital images. But what do you do if your photos are in a box rather than on your computer? Scan! With today’s affordable, powerful, easy- to-use scanners plus a basic understanding of file formats and color information you can make the best of those old photos and memories waiting to be shared.
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Navigating Grief Same Page

On the Same Page

Walking with Others in Grief

Have you ever noticed that two children from the same family can talk about their parents as if they grew up in different households?   Do you wonder why your partner or sibling doesn’t talk about, or maybe does not appear to care about, a loved one after their death?  Does it feel like you’re all taking the same language but in foreign dialects at your drop in bereavement support group?
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