On Writing: The Audience

Who Needs to Know Your Stories after Grief?

Behind our sorrow and loss are stories. Stories of love, of life, of pain and grief. Stories of happy times, traditions, maybe even of life cut short. They are stories of me, you, us and we. Each of them have a place in grief and memories. They are the stories about people, which is always at the heart of grief.

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Navigating Grief Balloon Release after Loss

Is it Hello or Goodbye?

Pioneer Orchard Park in Ft. Steilacoom, WA is a small, grassy knoll overlooking an amazing panoramic Puget Sound view. There is a big, old fashion wooden swing that could seat four adults facing two and two comfortably. On the opposite side of the park is a large platform stage, its short white fence marking the edge between earth and water. It calls you to come peer outward and dream. I can image this as a perfect spot for a wedding.
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Navigating Grief Seeing with Perspective


I remember as a young girl going through the library of the educational Time/Life books my parents had on the den bookshelf. Perhaps you remember these, too. One book would be delivered each month focused on a different topic based on the Library of Nature, or Library of World or other series.  In fact, I recall they were glossy, photograph hardcover books just like the storybooks you can publish today!
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