The Joy (and Pain) of Remembering: Photos

When Remembering When Makes You Cry

There is a risk inherent in remembering when you are grieving and missing your loved one after a death. A risk of opening the wounds of loss, the reminder of being left behind, the desire to change what can’t be undone of past words and actions and events. But there is also a risk of remembering what feels good – recalling memories of happy times, holding photos and seeing video that brings stillness to life, taking comfort in activities that were once carried out with a partner, or child.  The risk to open your mind to the joy of memories is at the expense of confronting the pain of those same memories.

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Navigating Grief 101

Grief 101

Grief is a Process Some Call a Journey

Grief after the death of a loved one can be draining.  There may be days that seem to go on forever.  There may be loneliness, numbness, anger, fear, and an intensity of all feelings.  You may have physical changes such as fatigue, headaches, and low energy.  Your concentration may be lacking.  You may want to have everyone around you, or you may want to isolate yourself.  You might want to visit places that remind you of your loss, feel a need for rituals, and treasure objects of the person who died.

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