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Joan Hitchens, Life Energy Coach

Thank you for joining me here. Navigating Grief through terminal illness and/or death is a profound and personal journey. Perhaps it will help you to know that most reactions to loss and grief reactions are “normal” even if you don’t feel like it at this moment. Finding the right support relative to your loss feelings today is what counts. Whether by phone, online or in person, I’m here to guide you through the process based on my own experiences, education and gathering of story from the hearts of others just like you. And I never forget that the lesson is always love.

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UPDATE March 2020.
The Coronanvirus-19 pandemic has created great anxiety and brought new fear into our lives and for our livelihoods. Navigating Grief had already started development, expansion and transition for live grief programs and additional coaching online. Thus, new material is going into the new location. Until then, you’ll find plenty here if you choose. The new website and host will provide better delivery of content to guide and coach you in your grief journey.
I am still available. Please use the contact me form to connect or call 360.534.0203.
Grief, trauma and reactions to significant loss is a long process rather than single event. The unthinkable and violent deaths in our schools, communities and neighborhoods are life changing personally, socially and culturally. These losses create fear in everyday living. Finding a way back into one’s heart and safely is both time and action. This may be in baby steps of movement and in weeks, months and perhaps years to come.
If you arrive here looking for answers, welcome to the club! I cannot offer a single article or thought to make it all better. I do make a suggestion to reach out and do your best to identify and ask for what you need in this moment. For current community tragedy, your local schools, health and hospice agencies and religious organizations will provide the most immediate resources.
As you move into the deeper layers of grief and its impact on your ongoing life therapists, coaches, mental health professionals and groups may offer better support for your circumstances. You do not need to walk this path alone. You matter; I care. If you would like my guidance for individual coaching, family conversation and support, or in community circle please call me at 360.534.0203.

“Dear Joan, Thank you for all that you do. You have a way of giving people joy by helping them through the healing process.”

~ Melanie H

“My work with Joan Hitchens has been and continues to be a blessing. Her coaching has brought me insights in a safe way to explore my own sacred space. Joan pushes me gently where I am able to follow my own thoughts, shake off my fears and have the most incredible “aha” moments. I am rejuvenated.”

~ Juliette S

“Thanks for providing a safe place/space for us to gather, grieve and heal.”

~ Annie H

“Thank you so much for guiding me through this writing process… Jen’s story is special and through your help it will be treasured for years. (It) can be revisited by anyone at anytime, and we need not forget our precious child.”

~ Melissa S

“Anticipation of pain kept me paralyzed but actually looking it dead in the eye has made it less scary and therefore less powerful. I had a tiny little glimmer of light, an insight that helped. I am allowing myself to experience all of the emotions.”

~Brenda D.

“Coaching with Joan was key in helping me get out of overwhelm and set my priorities straight. She is both encouraging and insightful and I always came out of the coaching calls with greater clarity… I moved through some tough spots much faster than I could have on my own.”

~ Anna L

“As Marketing Director at Garden Courte Memory Care Community, I’m always looking for ways to help people overcome their fears of coming into a memory care center. Your presentation on Caregiver’s Grief did! We had higher than expected attendance and great feedback from attendees.”

~Dawn PetersenGarden Courte Memory Care Community

“I just sent a copy of Mother’s storybook to her best friend… and received a tearful message back thanking me.”

~ Dee T

“…an emotional journey but rewarding. I have discovered some important things along the way that I wouldn’t have without this opportunity.”

~ Cathie A

“Dear Joan, Thank you so much for this incredible gift! When I discovered your website, it was like discovering gold…it opened new doors to new rooms filled with possibility and potential. Thank you for a simple “GPS system;” which will help me and others navigate through grief.”

~ Juanita M

“Your compassion and openness made me feel quite comfortable in sharing my experience and your insightful feedback was enormously helpful. You are providing a magnificent/needed/hard-to-come-by service to the grieving community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

~ Carolyn S

“Joan had recently mentioned open hours at her beautiful recovery space on State Street. As I finished my work day on Friday and as I was on my way to a family members house for dinner, I had another “moment” and I drove over to see Joan.  I cried and swore and she listened. She said a few healing thoughts. She didn’t rush me…  She was there with an open heart and I was able to go to dinner feeling more confident that I wasn’t going to spill over during dinner.  Joan, thank you!  Your peaceful and calming manner was both soothing and lifting. ”

~ Linda T

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