Life Energy Coach Joan Hitchens, CLC, Navigating Grief begins with a very private and personal discussion about your grief and loss in person (Olympia WA area) or by video conference for long distance clients. During this stand alone educational, interactive presentation, Joan walks with you through Navigating Grief’s identified universal Influencers with specific impact on the affect for your coping with loss. The new perspective is often instantly alleviating.

Start. Here. Now. is how you move through your journey of healing since a significant death in your life. To begin, read the information below the flier.

Start. Here. Now. with a no obligation inquiry call or complete the form to initiate our first conversation for Navigating Grief.

Joan understands that grief takes time and is very personal. Through gentle coaching and guidance, she offers the compassionate space to learn and be heard as you Start. Here. Now. Fee $350 includes inquiry consultation call, program and follow up call. Allow 2 hours for Start. Here. Now. program itself. Along with invaluable insight on your loss we will share tea and create a personal plan for your next steps. You are invited  to bring a photo to share.

Grief is universal, loss is personal. Also available by live video conference call.

If your grief and loss is new or has continued for longer than you wish Start. Here. Now.