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20 Pounds of Grief

Some people can’t eat. Others may take comfort and refuge in food. Under stress, when grief hits, which road do you take? Your hunger may wax and wane with the phases of the moon. After all, appetite changes are in the list for Is My Grief Normal? 20 pounds of your grief might be up, down or the yo-yo between as you battle the scale along with your grief.

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Children’s Grief Awareness Day

One out of 20 children will experience the death of a parent before they graduate from high school, while one out of every seven children will face the death of someone close to them.

Who takes care of the children when adults grieve? Sometimes, no one. It is easy to think that children are resilient, and maybe don’t feel the deep loss because they aren’t showing any signs, or have seem to be doing fine. It may be that you don’t have the energy to focus on more than getting through the day yourself. Perhaps they say they are OK because your children don’t want to burden you. Read more

The Real Cost of Grief

The Real Cost of Grief

Grief appears as all sorts of emotions, and whether acknowledged it or not, may be actively defining who you are in the world right now. When you repeat the same thoughts without moving through to answers or a new perspective, grief makes you stuck. How many of these statements or questions below have you known at one time or another since your loss? Read more

Navigating Grief Writing with Purpose

On Writing: Being Purposeful

Grief Writing Means Discovery

Writing is a path to our inside voice. In fact, all forms of creative expression can help us reflect on what we really think and feel. Writing, dreaming, painting, music, and movement are all forms of creative expression. Through a conscious effort to listen and learn from these forms of expression, we can discover our unconscious thoughts which hinder our growth. As you apply creative expression to your processing loss, and writing is one of the most accessible, you unleash grief’s hold by giving it a voice.
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12 Healing Words for Navigating Grief

The Power Words for Well-being

Words can have a powerful affect on our well-being. Words of love and encouragement heal. Words of bitterness and pain destroy. Words can inspire and motive. Words can depress and deplete. Words spoken by people we love and respect have a great impact on our feelings.
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Navigating Grief Holidays

Grief Doesn’t Take a Holiday

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

How often have you heard this question? The implied reference is “have your bought all the presents for family and friends for Christmas? Is your home and table ready for guests? Have you done the shopping, baked the goodies and decorated the house? You may not even celebrate Christmas and you are faced with this question as a means of casual conversation! Whether your loss was recent or years ago, underlying grief may be lying wait along with the holidays.
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Navigating Grief How Stories Can Heal

On Writing: Your Stories Can Heal Your Heart

You Don’t Need to Forget

Parent, child, sibling, spouse, partner or pet: Your life has changed since he or she died. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, morning coffee, daily walk, driving by familiar places: Your response to routine has changed. Will it never end? The pain and reminders of your grief and loss are everywhere and can go on for years.
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Navigating Grief Same Page

On the Same Page

Walking with Others in Grief

Have you ever noticed that two children from the same family can talk about their parents as if they grew up in different households?   Do you wonder why your partner or sibling doesn’t talk about, or maybe does not appear to care about, a loved one after their death?  Does it feel like you’re all taking the same language but in foreign dialects at your drop in bereavement support group?
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